Back to School =) YAY

February 18, 2010

I know I have been lacking on my blog, just been running around dealing with the exciting twists and turns of life. BUT I am excited to report that the journey for Jo.Ritaaa is not over!
Today was my return to one of my favourites place, SCHOOL. =) And for those of you who know me personally never have I ever enjoyed school. But when you’re doing something you love surrounded by people with the same goals and passions, it makes it that much more special!
I have officially completed day one of International Bride. Let me tell you the course out line looks super exciting! I just can’t wait to learn the new looks and trends of today’s bride while also perfecting the look of a classic bride!
Also not only will I be learning about bridal make up but also about different cultures and make up traditions that go hand in hand with different ethnicities.
I will try my hardest to take pictures of my adventure along the way!
To all my friends who give me the pep talks and cheer me on, I love you!!

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