January 23, 2010

Well I’m sure you have all heard about what has happened in Haiti. I feel that we need to all pull together and help out as much as we can. I myself did my part and donated. I feel it would be awesome if we could all put aside 5, 10 or even 20 dollars and donate. No amount is too little or too big. Here are some links to websites were donations can be made.

Canada For Haiti

If you donate to the link above the Government of Canada will match each donation! =)

Hope for Haiti Now

Another quick and easy way we can ALL help out and donate it via txt msg!
Text "AID" to 45678 to make a $5 donation

Please remember that the people of Haiti need our help, not just today but for years to come. They need to rebuild and will do so with our kind and warm generosity

Thank You! xoxo Jo.Ritaaa xoxo

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