December 25, 2009

=) The Holidays Are here! Merry Christmas everybody and Happy Holidays! Wishing you and all of your families a safe and joyous day! We you guys good this year? Did he bring you guy’s lots of goodies?! =)

He sure did bring me some!;)

As the New Year is quickly approaching change is soon in the air.
If any of you aren’t feeling the exciting Holiday cheer upon you I leave you with some warm words that always help me when times get tough

“This too shall pass”

=) Happy Holidays everybody


Tis The Season To be Jolly =)

December 19, 2009

The Holidays are here and everything seems be decorated in red! But if there is one thing this holiday season that I don’t want even a touch of redness on is my face! RIGHT YOU GUYS! =)

Well I’m sure you have all heard of colour correctors. They have everything from spot treatment to an all over application. They come in all sorts of colours and uses. I would have to say that covering up that annoying little red spot, or your constant flushed cheeks is defiantly always on our facial do to list!

GUESS WHAT! =) uh huh that’s right, another Jo.Ritaaa approved product! While at the IMATS I picked up this nifty little product that was actually recommend to me by one of my fellow classmates. It’s by Yaby Cosmectics and is an all over colour corrector.

I have tried it out a couple times on myself and on some of my clients. What I love about it is that you simply mix it in with you first coat of foundation, sooooo easy you guys! The best part is that it works!

While in school and even when doing clients I sometimes find that it is safe to go with an all over corrector. They work wonders on clients who always have a flushes completion, and they will love you for it!


If you have any all over correctors that do need you to take that extra step for mixing. It always helps to have a little container for your mixing. Remember ladies that less is always more. When I use my Yaby colour corrector I always use a tiny bit of it and mix it in with about a quarter size of foundation, if I feel the redness is still there or I have more area to cover I will mix more. It’s always better to have to make more then to waste product!

Have a safe and happy holiday season you guys!

December 03, 2009


In regards to my post on the Ardell lash accelerator.

Sfoss said... Sounds good, I think I might try this.Follow up question: I kind of want more dramatic lashes for everyday. Right now I’m using kiss me mascara, but it doesn't feel dramatic enough for me lol.. Can u recommend me a product miss makeup artist?? What kind of mascara do you use?

Jo.Ritaaa: To be honest with you I myself have not tried Kiss Me mascara, but I’ll add it to my list of things to try out! Thanks for the suggestion =).I have a three steps mascara application process that paired with the Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator by Ardell that works wonders! Also when I was at the IMATS I picked up a product that instantly creates a false lash effect without having fake lashes on!

I will defiantly be creating posts with answers to ALL your questions and comments! Also If you ladies are not already following me on Twitter for my blog updates feel free to send me and email I will send an email every time I post something new =)

Send an email to with the subject of BLOG SUBSCRIBTION =).

Also feel free to send me comments and questions to my email. All emails with comment or questions are to have a subject of BLOG QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS.

Thank you!

December 01, 2009

*SIGH* =)

Happy December =)

As promised, I will be talking about one of my new products that I picked up at the IMATS, and of course it has to do with lashes. Lol. I just can’t help myself, I have an addiction.

While I was walking around checking out the exhibit booths I came across Alcone’s booth. They had all sorts of products, there famous facial wipes (I was SO tempted but on a budget), eye lash curlers, eye shadows, mascara and much more. I swear there was a tinkle in my eye as I went to pick up the pretty silver container of mascara. Immediately after reading the title I went into a state of anticipation. The product is called “FAST LASH”.

Here’s the deal. Fast Lash is a product that claims to make it look as though you are wearing false lashes even though you aren’t. Awesome right!? Of course I couldn’t say no. I began to read the beautiful silver container and it read.

“False eyelash effect in seconds! Apply mascara. While wet, apply FASTLASH. Repeat process until desired length is achieved. For a glamorous lash effect, apply FAST LASH only to outside tip and feather toward the middle.”

Now I know what you’re wondering. Does it work? YES YES YES! =) I defiantly tested it out, and here is how I did. I would apply one layer of mascara to my left eye and on the right I would apply mascara and then FAST LASH. I tested it out with 3 coats. The results were dramatic and unbelievable.

The best part is that my mother came into my room, had a whole conversation with me then told me that I looked silly with one false lash on! =)

QUICK TIP =) Now it can be a bit messy and wasteful. If you keep sticking the wand back into the product you will lose a lot of fibres, I like to use a reusable mascara wand. One dip into the product should be good for about 2 coats on each eye.

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November 29, 2009

Hello Ladies!
I am so excited to be reporting on my fun adventure to the IMATS( International Makeup Artist Trade Show). I can honestly say that it was well worth the 42$ admission fee and that I defiantly regret not getting the two day Pass. =(
It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I thought it was only me in this big world of makeup artistry but then to my surprise there was a showroom full of makeup artists of all different levels. There was something comforting about being surrounded by people who face the same challenges as me and also to be surrounded by those who have come far in this industry. It inspired me, and gave me faith to believe in my talent.
Everybody there was really friendly and insightful! There were a lot of my fellow students there, and I also saw a lot of my instructors. I would have to say that one of the coolest things I saw at the show was the live makeup. They had makeup artist actually working on projects. It was amazing! Just breathe taking what these artists could do with the flick of their wrist.

A couple of my favourite booths at the IMATS were Alcone, Pari,Yaby,Royal & Langnickel, Crown Burshes and Auraline. I of course could not resist and managed to by myself! Make sure to check out my photo album of all the goodies I picked up!

Along with my elf cosmetics I will be reporting on my new cosmetics. Pros and cons, and of course look forward to Jo.Ritaaas quick tips and personal favourites!
Be sure to check out some of these awesome links!


Eyelash 911 =)

November 18, 2009

Hey Everybody!
Those of you, who know me, know that I have a HUGE obsession with lashes! I love long, full, curled sexy voluminous lashes. Mascara is the one piece of makeup I will not leave the house without, weather its clear just to add a little bit of oomph, of a full set of thick lashes to get that desired seductive look. Bottom line, I LOVE LASHES!
What I don’t love about mascara is that day after day I feel that they are not at their best. I feel that with more and more mascara use they lose their potential. My lashes will clump more, appear shorter and not look as fantastic as they did the first day I but mascara on. I find that if I take a break, about 3-4 days when I got to reapply mascara again, they are the beautiful lashes I fell in love with from day one.
Now I’ve thought about lash extensions, even heard about Latisse (prescription eye lash grower).Both would be costly and I’m sure would involve a not so affordable upkeep. Luckily, I have stumbled across a product on the market that keeps my lashes healthy, long and full day after day for a low price!
Alright you guys! Make sure you write this down! My lash miracle worker can be purchased at any Trade Secrets Location. My secret little weapon is called Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator by Ardell. It can be purchased for under $10.00! What I love most about it is it is simple to use and true to its word! Apply one to two layers on eyelashes and eyebrows before bed and you’re done! Simply wash it off in the morning when you wash your face. I guarantee ladies that your lashes will feel and look healthier and fuller within a week. =)
I am so excited about this product you guys! I hope you will add it do your nightly routine as I gladly do! =) If any of you test it out, let me know how it works for you!
Jo.Ritaaa =)

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E.L.F Product Trial #1 =)

November 14, 2009

I finally found some free time to test out my new E.L.F products! I have got to say I am impressed. I’m not going to lie, based on the price and the buzz I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with any of the product, but I have to say I already incorporate a couple of my new E.L.F products apart of my every day makeup routine.
After I applied foundation and contoured it was now time to test of my new E.L.F All over cover stick! I got three different shades, spotlight, Lilac Petal and Golden Peach. Spotlight is perfect for an all over highlighter, Lilac Petal is perfect for achieving subtle rosy cheeks and Golden Peach is perfect if you want to enhance an all over dewy look.
I decided to use spotlight! The product comes in a nice little package, perfect travel size. It has a very nice fragrance to it, nothing to strong but pleasant and last long enough to get the job done. The colour intensity is perfect, there wasn’t a lack of shine nor was it too shiny. When I placed the product on my face it was visible. I find that with most low end products you lose the pigmentation once you place the product on your canvas. It blended really well and didn’t get lost in the process.
This product is defiantly a must for my kit and I defiantly recommend it, especially if you’re just starting off, it’s a great price for what you get. Sure it’s no MAC or Benefit, but for the price I paid I am a happy shopper.

Quick tip =)
If you’re in a rush, but still want to leave the house with a healthy glow try this out! Mix in some foundation with your moisturizer, that way you can do two steps in one! Then take your E.L.F All Over Cover Stick and highlight your nose, your cheek bones and just above the peak of your lips. Now ladies don’t forget to blend, blend, blend. When you are satisfied with these two simple steps take some bronzer and apply it all over your face in a 3 motion. Curl those lashes, apply some of your favourite mascara and finish off with some lip gloss!
Let me know if any of you have tried or will be trying out this product! I can’t wait to hear from you guys!


November 03, 2009

Hello fellow Blogger's!

I am currently attending school to become a Professional Make-up artist. I thought what would be more fun than to blog about my journey as an artist and to comment on all the fun things along the way!
Today I have just received my order of E.L.F cosmetics; I will be testing them out during the week and will report back! I'll also be listing witch items and colours I've gotten
What I will let you know is that E.L.F cosmetics have a beautiful line of cosmetics and at an awesome price!
Check them out,


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