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February 22, 2017

Hello my Loves!

I am excited to introduce one of my new topics " YUMMY FINDS"

I dont know about you guys but I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a healthy, yummy, feel good treat.

I am constantly seeing my Instagramers posting and endorsing  yummy protein loaded traditionally "junky" meals or snacks. Mac and cheese, muffins, pancakes, ice cream, peanut butter, and bars to name a few.

Unfortunately for me and most of my fellow Canadians most of these delicious items are only available in the U.S. However you do have the option of having them shipped to you. But with our luck by the time you pay the exchange rate, shipping and possibly customs its just not worth it.

So this brings me back to my new and exciting topic of "YUMMY FINDS"

Along my get healthy and fit journey I have found some really great healthy food/snack items that meet my daily diet needs. So I welcome you to try out some of my Yummy Finds!

For My first find I am excited to share that this past summer I have discovered Protein Chips!

I was up north doing some grocery shopping for the weekend. I was strolling the healthy option isle at the local Super Center when I found Simply Protein Chips.

They where available in 3 flavors at the Midland location. Spicy Chilli, BBQ Tomato and Sea Salt and Cracker Pepper.

These delicious snacks have a low glycemic index, which helps balance blood sugar levels and don’t contain any sugar alcohols which can cause some major stomach issues. The Best part is that one serving is packed with 15 grams of protein.  They are high in Iron, not fried and they are made from Non GMO Pea Protein.
If we have any Keto friendly dieters out there these babies have 9 net carbs per serving, but with the 15 grams of protein they are a great satiating snack.

I have found them at my local Metro, Sobey's and Super Center.  If you are a Amazon junky you  can also find them HERE for sale.

Happy Snacking! 



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