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March 14, 2010

Another E.L.F cosmetics order in the works! But this one has more of a project feel to it!

So after my first completed week of International Bride I had a rush of makeup artistry energy just bursting inside of me! It was little past 8pm on a Saturday night and I thought it would be fun to play makeover (yet again) with my mother!

As I started to set up my “workstation” on my kitchen counter my mother casually started asking me about certain products and what they do and how to use them. Then than I started thinking to myself, a lot of women out there probably feel the same or have the some curiosities about makeup.

I then decided that not only was this going to be practise for me, but a lesson for her! I started to go through her makeup bag and before I knew it I was applying her own makeup and taking her through the rules and secrets of the perfect makeup application. Now because she is my mother I felt no need to sensor my ever growing knowledge and she didn’t say it but I knew she appreciated it.

As I was applying her makeup noticed she was missing a lot of key products and BRUSHES to achieve the perfect flawless face, so I did as any good instructor did and I had her write out notes. She wrote notes on what to buy, which brands and colour selections would best suit her.

After I finished her makeup application she was eager to see the results. After she saw the results in the mirror she was ecstatic! And I think the best part was that she now new she too with a little practise and patience could achieve almost the same results on her own!

Now this is where E.L.F comes into play! I decided that I would order all her missing links from E.L.F, its great quality for the price value. I myself use a wide range of E.L.F cosmetics on a daily basis. I think they are the perfect tools to practise achieving a desired look. You can try and try again without breaking the bank!

Now all I have to do is wait for my order to come in and tell you guys about all the goodies! I did order a couple of brushed although I am kind of sceptic about them. But for the price I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try! I am really excited for the Kabuki brush! I am really hoping that won’t place me in the buyer’s remorse category.

Click Here for my Mother’s Make Over Pictures!
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