Squats vs Lunges

March 11, 2015

Happy Wednesday Loves!

I am now 3 days into my 30 day Squat & Lunge Challenge. I wanted to touch base with you guys and give you a little update.

I have done the squat challenge before and I don't remember ever being THIS sore. My butt cheeks are sore, the front side of my upper legs are CRAZY sore.  I definitely feel a bit of a burn while I am doing the squats but the burning sensation I feel while doing the lunges is BEYOND anything in  this world.

I am really impressed with the soreness I am getting from the lunges. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone doing the squat challenge to also incorporate lunges or just try doing the lunge challenge on its own. I feel like squats gets all the celebrity but (no pun intended..ha ha) lunges are pretty bad ass too!

Loves, let me tell you every time I get up from my desk at the office I am reminded at just how well the challenge is working. I may need a walker by day 30. lol I'm looking forward to  laying on the sunny beaches of Cuba unable to walk because of this challenge. Its like extreme leg day on roids.

 I just finished my 60 squats for today. I was feeling very ambitious and thought I would do my lunges right after. I was ready to go, in position and my legs pretty much told me to eff off. lol. Yep Wasn't happening. I'll get to them later in the day.

All in all great three days. Tomorrow is suppose to be my rest day but I'd like to have finished the  challenge by the time I go on vacation. I'll be skipping my first rest day and going strong!

Also I am so proud of my girl Elicia who decided to not only to the squat challenge but she also found a really tough ab challenge to do! You go girl!



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