Thank You Kat Von D =)

January 05, 2010

Miss Kat Von D =D

First off I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping all you guys are enjoying the New Year! It’s twenty ten, one can only imagine all the exciting new adventures to come! =) Smiley faces all around on my end!

As promised I am reporting on my goodies that I got on Christmas! My brother and his girlfriend both got me The Kat Von D True Romance eye shadow palettes; I got Ludwig and True Love!

My love affair with the eye shadow started when I was watching an episode of L.A Ink. =) And then the trips to Sephora started! She actually has I really nice full cosmetic line. I myself haven’t had the privilege of trying anything but the eye shadow, but am dying to!

Now the palettes are a tad bit pricy but considering you get 8 different colours that are amazing, it’s worth it! I was honestly amazed by the quality of the product. It is true to its pigmentation, the application was wonderful and it last all night and didn’t fade or move at all.

Right off the bat I noticed that when I placed my brush on the product it didn’t crumble and dust off everywhere, it just went on the brush, this also helped when applying the actual product to my face, made it less of a messy experience, which is great for those of us dying to be adventuress and starting off! =)

Another thing I noticed is that with the product less is more; you don’t need that much product on your brush. It goes on very intense, true to its colour! This also means it will last longer! Defiantly adding this to my pro kit! I can use it and know that my client’s wont de disappointed!

Bottom line I am in love and urge you all to go to your local Sephora and test out this awesome product!

x0x0 Jo.Ritaaa

Picture Courtecy of Sephora =)

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