Snack Time: Mango Protein Pudding

September 10, 2015

Hello My Loves!

I've been really watching my protein intake lately/trying to keep the sugar cravings under control. Two of my favourite new pass times. Insert sarcasm here.

I have this bad habit of snacking while I am cooking dinner. The problem is, when I start cooking dinner is when I should be having dinner.

Anyhow yesterday I decided to fix myself a nice snack prior to cooking to avoid nibbling and munching on unhealthy snacks. ( Crackers, a slice of cheese, more crackers, crackers with cheese, Two different types of cheeses layered. A cracker sandwich. WHAT WE HAVE snacks)

I was SO proud of myself. I wanted to have something sweet, low in fat and high in protein. And that is how my super yummy and healthy Mango Protein Pudding was born :)

What you Need.
1 Mango peeled and chopped.
2/3 cup of Greek Yogurt - look for the brand with the least amount of sugar! You're already sweet enough.
1/2 Scoop of Vanilla or Unflavoured Protein . You can omit the protein powder if your not worried about you gains.

Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend and enjoy :)

Of course you can try this recipe with different fruits and even protein flavours!



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