Joana vs Sauna Shorts

January 30, 2015

Alright so LITERALLY  Me vs these Sauna shorts. Here's a bit of background for you guys.When I was about 17 years old every time I worked out I would wear my sauna belt. I LOVED that thing. It makes you sweat, and I mean dripping sweat. You pretty much look like you peed your pants level of sweat. It was totally embarrassing but I loved it.

Now for those of you who aren't familiar, the idea behind the sauna belt is quite simple. It's made out of rubber and you wrap it around your waist. While you engage in any type of activity or cardio it helps to lock in the heat around you midsection. This will cause you to excessively sweat around your mid section and essentially shed more fat around that area.

Some people believe it works and others believe you just shed water weight. I wore my waist belt for a good couple months straight. With a healthy diet and exercise plan  I did notice some definition around my mid section. I do believe that the waist belt helped to shed more weight around my mid section.

Alright, so 10 years later and sans waist belt I'm feel something is missing in my workout. I've got the bright gear, the heart rate monitor, the proper shoes for my over pronation and the supplements in my water bottle. I'm ready for 2015's work out regime. But something is missing.

BAM. It hits me! I need my sauna belt. Only this time I discovered they come in shorts! I cannot tell you how excited I was to try out these shorts. I placed an order with my Avon lady and ordered the Curves Trimming Shorts.

My first concern was will they fit. As a once 24 plus sized women that initial fear of "will it fit" never quite leaves you. I ordered the large which states its a 14/16. I am currently a 14 going 12.  The shorts fit. Definitely a workout just to get them on,

My first challenge was getting used to how they felt and how I was able to move in them. Because they were so tight I felt like a robot. Bending was not a task to be done in these shorts. Thankfully I was just going on the treadmill. I didn't feel as free in my movement but I felt more and more comfortable in them as my body heated up. The biggest issue I had with the shorts was that they didn't come up all the way on my thighs, so literately during my entire workout I felt my inner thighs rub, which just wasn't comfortable for me. I was worried I was going to get a rash. But there was enough sweat in all my crevasses to keep that from happening. Totally gross, but worth mentioning. Other then how I felt in the shorts they did deliver. I was DRENCHED. My waist, lower back, butt, thighs, everything. It was exactly what I expected.

I wont be using the shorts again until I drop a bit of weight. I want them to be a bit more of a looser fit so I am able to move better in them and in hope of my thighs not rubbing. I will be using a waist belt for now until I am able to fit comfortably into my Curves Trimming Shorts.

I strongly suggest them for anyone who is trying to lose weight. Incorporate these trimming shorts or a waist belt into your workout and healthy diet. Its not a miracle product, it doesn't work unless you do. But I do find I am more successful with it, then without.



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