December 01, 2014

If you haven't already felt the Tsunami, what are you waiting for?

Tsu, pronounced "Sue" is a new and rapidly growing social media platform.

 In its simplest form,  Tsu is a free social media platform that shares 90% of its revenues from user content. You get paid for what you share. Based upon the popularity of your posts you generate a profit.

I heard about Tsu back in October, and I have been using it ever since. There has been some kinks since the beginning but I notice that daily the Tsu team has been fixing all bugs, and making Tsu more user friendly.

If  you have any experience with online advertising then you understand that what you generate is based on amounts of clicks/views. Depending on how popular your site is will define the amount of residual income you generate from ads on your site. The same idea is applies to Tsu.

Now lets not all be fooled. Tsu wont make you RICH, but it sure is nice knowing that what I post has value, and that I receive royalties from what I've been posting.

How Does Tsu Work?
Tsu works the same way as many other social media networks do. Tsū generates income from advertising, partnerships and sponsorship. As this revenue is generated, Tsū keeps 10% to cover the costs of running the site and then pays half of the remainder to the user that created the content (YOU). The remaining half (so 45% of total profits) is divided up amongst your Tsū network (your Family Tree) using Tsū unique algorithm.

How do I join Tsū?

To join Tsu you need exclusive invitation received from an existing user. 
Making Money on Tsu
Tsu isnt going to make you a millionaire over night. Lets get that straight. You wont see any money in your"bank" for a while. I have been playing around with Tsu and I trying to figure out what to post vs maximize profits and this is what I found
1) Build your network! Invites users with your exclusive invitation. Follow members and add friends.
2) Post content with value. Don't post just because, post things that YOU like. 
3) Be Social! Post, Comment, Share. 
4) Have Fun

Why I love it
 Tsū enables you to share any posts you make with your other social networks (Facebook/twitter), enabling you to update across the net without having to repeatedly compose.
Everyone on Tsu is very friendly. I haven't seen any cyber bullying of any kind. Nothing but love on Tsu.
Its a great way to reach a wide audience that you wouldn't have access to on Facebook or Instagram.  
Very user friendly and attractive interface. Lots of amazing, positive content and feedback from users.

Overall a great new social media network to be apart of that values its users.

Come Join me in Tsu! My Short Code/Invitation code is Jorita :)

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