March 01, 2017

You read that title right! Cauliflower. Cheddar. Bacon. Soup. YUM

It was a cold and rainy day. The kind that makes you want to shnuggle up, throw on your old ( but AWESOME) Backstreet Boys t-shirt , brightly colored flannel pants, wrap yourself in a large blanket, cape style and catch up on some Netflix. No hesitation on my end. I quickly made it top priority to lounge and got caught up on Glee. 

When I finally came out of my cocoon I had a craving for a hot bowl of soup. 
Now my only issue with this particular craving and I feel like I have issues with most of my cravings, was that I was facing a ketogenic dilemma. 

Soup is delicious! Its food for your soul, it takes you to your warm and fuzzy spot and makes you feel like all is well in the world, except in mine. In my world soup is the carbohydrate master!

For those of you who don’t know OR you're among the lucky human beings out there who don’t have a carbohydrate issue, a Keto diet in short is one that requires you to limit your carbs. I'm talking 20-30 grams of net carbs per day. So back to my soup dilemma, did I mention that I'm Portuguese and all our soups start out with potatoes and water. YEP. 

Do you know how many of my daily net carbs I'd be sacrificing for that starchy bowl of soup? NO THANKS.  So me being the healthy rendition/ if it fits my diet queen I decided to experiment. 

I have heard of broccoli cheddar cheese and cauliflower based soups before. So I got to thinking, (Channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw) and that's when this delicious soup was made.

Here it comes you guys.......

Makes me happy Just thinking of it.

 I'm just gonna leave this photo of bacon right here..... 


  1. 1 Whole Cauliflower  
  2. 1 medium sized onion
  3. 1-2 cloves of garlic
  4. 1/2-1 cup of Cheddar Cheese Grated
  5. 1/2-1 pack of BACON - Extra Crispy and Crumbled Bits. 
  6. 1/2 Cup of butter
  7. Salt and Pepper to taste. I added a pinch of chili flakes as well.

  1. Chop up Cauliflower, onion and garlic.
  2. Place into a pot, I used a pressure cooker.
  3. Add enough water so that all ingredients are fully covered in water.
  4. Cook for about 15-20 mins.  
  5. While you are waiting for the cauliflower to cook, start cooking your bacon. You can use a frying pan, or a grill. Just make sure they're crispy. Started grating the cheese.
  6. Once you can easily pierce the Cauliflower with a fork, it’s ready. Mash together all the ingredients in your pot until all well blended. 
  7. Add Chicken flavored bouillon cube and butter.
  8. Add Bacon bits and cheese. Make sure you are constantly stirring so that the cheese gets melted into the broth and doesn't create cheese balls or clumps
  9. Add salt and pepper. A pinch of Chili flakes for a bit of a kick.

That's it! This is a super easy recipe to make. You can get creative by using different type of cheese. I sometimes like to add a handful of croutons to the soup for some added texture.
 And in case most of you are like my family'd ditch the croutons and take an extra sprinkle of bacon. 

I love hearing feedback! Please let me know if you try the recipe out!

Joana Rita

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