Mango Chipotle Rice & Fish Stir Fry

May 07, 2015

Hey Loves!

 I have been on a pretty repetitive food diet lately. By choice mind you! I am following a new workout + food regime. 
To be honest with you I actually prefer food prepping. I never feel like “shit, wtf am I going to eat now" LOL. It takes the guess work out of your meals and also helps you stay on track. Especially when you're on a eating schedule, meal prepping makes life a whole lot easier.
 I definitely don't cook a week’s worth of EVERYTHING. I make enough rice and turkey balls (protein jam packed snack) to last me for a week.  I also buy a week’s worth of yogurt and package little baggies of carrots for snacks.  As for my protein source, I usually make extra at dinner time to have some lunch for the next workday.  I am fortunate enough that my schedule allows for this .If I know I won’t have time to prep for the next day I plan ahead so I always have what I need. That enables me to stay on track!

I was cooking lunch one day. I was tired, hungry enough to eat a whole cow (lol) and felt lazy. That's how I came up with this beauty....

Take into consideration this recipe is for one serving and I already have the rice cooked from my weekly food prep. Obliviously you can cook fresh rice and increase the serving amount.
So excited to share this with you guys! One of my new all time favourite creations is my Mango Chipotle Rice & Fish Stir Fry. MMMM MMMMMM Goood!

Mango Chipotle Rice & Fish Stir Fry
Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 5-10 Min
Serving : 1

3/4 Cup of Brown Rice
5-6 oz of Basa or Sol Fish
1/2 Cup of chopped Orange Bell Peppers
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
Salt n Pepper to taste
Chipotle Mango seasoning to taste.
1 Glove of Garlic *optional
1/2 cup of chopped Pineapple *Optional

This is the seasoning I used.


1.     Cook fish (anyway you like, as long as it’s now RAW :) )
2.    Add Garlic, bell peppers and olive oil to frying pan. Cook down for 2 mins
3.    Add Chipotle Mango seasoning. Mix for 1 min
4.    Add Fish. Mix for about 2 mins. 
5.    Add Rice, Salt & Pepper. Mix occasionally for about 5 Mins. 
6.    Add more Chipotle Mango seasoning if need
7.    Plate meal and throw in some pineapple *optional

 I hope you guys enjoy this quick, flavourful meal! I really enjoy it as it allows for a burst of flavour while still being able to stick to my diet! 


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