December 01, 2009

*SIGH* =)

Happy December =)

As promised, I will be talking about one of my new products that I picked up at the IMATS, and of course it has to do with lashes. Lol. I just can’t help myself, I have an addiction.

While I was walking around checking out the exhibit booths I came across Alcone’s booth. They had all sorts of products, there famous facial wipes (I was SO tempted but on a budget), eye lash curlers, eye shadows, mascara and much more. I swear there was a tinkle in my eye as I went to pick up the pretty silver container of mascara. Immediately after reading the title I went into a state of anticipation. The product is called “FAST LASH”.

Here’s the deal. Fast Lash is a product that claims to make it look as though you are wearing false lashes even though you aren’t. Awesome right!? Of course I couldn’t say no. I began to read the beautiful silver container and it read.

“False eyelash effect in seconds! Apply mascara. While wet, apply FASTLASH. Repeat process until desired length is achieved. For a glamorous lash effect, apply FAST LASH only to outside tip and feather toward the middle.”

Now I know what you’re wondering. Does it work? YES YES YES! =) I defiantly tested it out, and here is how I did. I would apply one layer of mascara to my left eye and on the right I would apply mascara and then FAST LASH. I tested it out with 3 coats. The results were dramatic and unbelievable.

The best part is that my mother came into my room, had a whole conversation with me then told me that I looked silly with one false lash on! =)

QUICK TIP =) Now it can be a bit messy and wasteful. If you keep sticking the wand back into the product you will lose a lot of fibres, I like to use a reusable mascara wand. One dip into the product should be good for about 2 coats on each eye.

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