Curls, Dumbbells & Glitter

November 10, 2014

First off I wanted to say Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by :)
What is Curls ,Dumbbells & Glitter? Its me, in a nut shell. 

I am known for my crazy curls, I'm on my get fit journey and what girl doesn't love a bit of glitter? I thought it was the perfect title for my personal blog. 

This blog will be all over the place. Just like I'm all over the place. Recipes, product reviews, make-up tutorials, works out and dear diaries. I'm definitely indecisive about most things. But when it comes to my passions I am focused. 

 I have a Strong passion for creative expression, and I find myself constantly taking the drivers seat of that passion with inspiration and a positive outlook. I may be all over the place but I am grounded. 

I went to school for Make-up Artistry. I'm an X-treme eyelash technician and have my own handmade jewellery line. I also had fantasies of being a writer. But that book will never be read, that story will never be told, and the heart ache never felt. 

A lot of my close friends have had to suffer from my excitement to jump from one project to the next. Fearing I will never stick to one thing.  Some may even say I am misguided.  

Truth be told I don't feel misguided. I don't feel as though I am dabbling in to much. I feel blessed to be able to express myself freely through all the creative outlets that speak to me.  

So I say welcome to Curls, Dumbbells & Glitter. Join me on my adventures. I hope you enjoy my posts, try some recipes, and test out some of my favourite products 
But most of all, I hope through my passions you find inspiration to follow your dreams, or to try something new. Because that's the beauty of it all. Its never too late to try. 



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