Charmed, I'm Sure.

February 10, 2017

Is it just me, or is everyone else just as excited and curious about the Charmed Aroma craze?

I'm not going to lie, I have been creeping the website ever since I found out about the company. I absolutely LOVE the idea of it.

Want to skip to the reveal? SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM :)

For those of you who have been living under a rock *cough MEN. Charmed Aroma is this beautiful, deliciously fragrant candle. The fun part is that hidden within the wax is a RING! Every ring is different. Different style, size and worth. If that wasn't already amazing, if you splurge a bit more on their Crystal Collection  you can reuse the "jar"as a jewelry box or keep sake.

My dear friend Tania surprised me this year for my birthday with a Charmed Aroma Candle. Which was perfect. I had been eyeing them for some time now. Had my online cart filled with Vanilla Bean, Velvet Peach and Coconut Vanilla. They all sounded so delicious. But my indecisive nature could never quite commit.

Just to give you an idea of my love affair for candles I am the woman who struts into Winners, by passes the purses, cosmetics and cheeky lingerie and heads straight to the candle section. I spend, what seems like endless hours smelling each and every candle. I even create little groups of them on shelves. I section them off  from favorite to least desirable. I proudly horde a handful in my shopping cart and take joy in selecting which lucky winner gets to come home with me while I browse the other isles.

If you ever in Winners and find candles scattered through out the store, you are welcome. :)

So back to my lovey birthday gift. I received the special edition Apple Cinnamon Vanilla Crystal Collection Candle. Most of you would assume I went home and lit that candle asap. But quite the opposite. I waited. I'm not sure for what exactly. But I felt like a special candle needed a special occasion. To my surprise the candle was so fragrant that even as it sat on my dresser the delicious smell filled the air in my room.

On a cold Friday afternoon I found myself snuggled up in bed, Charmed Aroma lit, glass of wine in hand devouring a good 50 shades of Grey inspired read. I know, I know, my Friday nights are WILD.

To My surprise and annoyance the candle took FOREVER to burn down. I have to say the entire experience was magical and worth the $30.00 a pop.  Charmed Aroma candles are great quality, smell amazing, are long burning and you get some bling at the end.

Check out  Charmed Aroma for more info. They also have charmed bath bombs and body butters.


Joana Rita

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